Coaches and Managers

Each team must provide a coach, manager, scorer and umpire. Please find some information below on these roles. They are a rewarding experience for parents and the Thornleigh Baseball Club will support you during the season.

Please note: Aussie Tball do not record a score so does not require a scorer.

Coaches and Managers Information

Coaches, managers and support staff of a team are very important role models to all junior players. These people, through their own behaviour (on & off the field) have an important impact on player attitude, enjoyment, performance and development.

Information for Coaches

The coach’s main job is to equip team players with appropriate skills and knowledge in order to play the game. This should be done in an encouraging and instructive way, with an emphasis on fun. Safety is paramount at all times, and bad sportsmanship is discouraged. A team’s manager (with other parent support) is responsible for lifting some of the coach’s burden on game day, but maintaining overall discipline in the team is down to the coach.

Information for Managers

A manager plays an important role in the efficient running of a baseball team. The manager is the main contact between the Club and the team. Any details of draw changes, available courses, special events etc. will be communicated to each team through their manager. It’s up to the manager to pass this information on usually through a ring-around, email, at training or on match day. The coach should be allowed to fully focus on preparing a team for match day, without having to deal with administrative distractions. It’s the manager’s job to ensure this happens.

Information for Scorers

Each team (excluding Aussie Tball) will need to provide a scorer for every game. There are short training sessions at the beginning of each season if you haven’t scored before. It is a good idea for each team to have a couple of people who can score so they can rotate. For home games scorers need to complete a score sheet and drop it an address supplied. Scores every week needed to be submitted via text to the phone number sent to all managers at the beginning of the season.

Information for Umpires 

Each team needs to provide an umpire for every home game. Training sessions will be available at the beginning of the season for those who haven’t umpired before. Teams are reminded in majority of junior games umpires are volunteers and should be treated with the respect.