Bat Rules

Junior Bat Rules from RHBL

Minors and Majors USA Baseball marking 2 5/8” barrel maximum. NO BPF 1.15

2 1⁄4” Barrel Bats used in RHBL games MUST have an ALLOY Barrel.

Intermediate (50/70) & Junior USA Baseball marking 2 5/8” barrel maximum. 2 5/8” composite barrel with BBCOR stamp

Senior ALL bats must be BBCOR

These guidelines are for tournament games, RHBL will allow a transition period for Club games in the 2019/2020 season.

Bats used in RHBL games Junior League and older may be Wood, Wood Composite/laminated or Alloy barrel only. (unless stamped BBCOR)

What that means:

2 1/4” barrel bats must be alloy (alloy metal – no “composite”) – suitable for Rookie Live and below

2 5/8” barrel bats must either:
  – be marked “USA bat” – suitable for Minors, Majors, Junior League. May be used in Rookie Live and Zooka.
  – be marked as BBCOR particularly if they are “composite” material  – suitable for Senior League and above.

We are very lucky to have Red Stitches in our area at 6/5 Sefton Rd Thornleigh. If you are intending to buy a new bat go to them as they know the rules and will sell you the correct bat. There are a number of banned bats for sale at Rebel and if you have an incorrect bat you will not be able to use it.