Zooka Blue, Ben Fogarty

What a season for Zooka Blue, we started with a bang, crashed back to earth and ended the season on a high.

Coaching the Zooka Blue side was an absolute pleasure, we had a mixture of age, experience and personality which combined perfectly into our formidable team.

Training for a new coach was quite the experience and I take this opportunity to thank the parents who were able to assist week in week out. The boys bought into this process and we saw the development of their skill levels as the season progressed.

Our gameday performances throughout the year were solid. We managed to keep up with the stronger sides and really compete, whilst we lost a few tight ones we also managed to notch up a number of quality wins. The clear highlight for me was the final game of the season where the team really jelled with some spectacular plays completed.

Batting across the team improved as the year progressed, newcomers to baseball found their groove and our experienced players led by example. Too many home runs to count but the cheering and support for our runners as they screamed round the bases was a highlight for me.

Our fielding was probably the difference between us and the top sides throughout the year. Some special performances here and there however I look forward to the boys working hard on their fielding skills to really take it to the stronger teams next year.

Special thanks to our team Manager Patrick Gillooly, he really drove the behind the scenes activities and ensured games days ran smoothly, for which I could not be more grateful. To the parents thanks for your help with training, scoring, BBQ’s and ground setup.

And to the Zooka Blue monsters, thanks for having so much fun and a really enjoyable season!

See you next year!