LL Minors


LL Minors, Spencer Howay and Sean McCarthy

What a Season!!! Coach Sean and I can honestly say this was one of the best coaching experiences we have had. This isn’t only because the kids won the Grand Final (which was of course awesome!), but more importantly, because players and parents were so committed and displayed such a great attitude throughout the season. Our training sessions were always well attended. Parents got their kids to the grounds on time and ready to play. The kids are a spirited group, but would focus and settle down when Sean and I would ask. They all swung the bat hard and ran the bases like a cheetah was chasing them. Most importantly, and the point of most pride for Sean and I, when the team got down in a game, they never gave up. They didn’t hang their heads or kick stones. If they had a bad inning, they would dig-in to the batters box and battle to get back in the game, and in almost all cases this season, they were able to do it; including in the Grand Final. Thanks to a great group of kids for such a fun season.

The three Award recipients are:

Coaches Award – Josh Hogan
Most Improved – Riley Harris
Base Running / Giving your coach a heart attack award – Jamie Munro-Williams

A thank you for Clynt Dunlop for Umpiring, Megan Walsh and Karen Howay for Scoring, and Noah McCarthy and Hamish Treatt for helping at training.