Registrations Open NOW

Registration is now OPEN for the 2018/19 season

Please read instructions below before registering 


The online registration does not work on the browser Internet Explorer. It does work on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and most other browsers. If you have started the process on Internet Explorer you will have been able to set up an account but not gone any further. Just use that username and password in Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox and you will be able to continue the registration.

Tip: If you are registering multiple children log out and close the browser between players

Active Kids Rebate: If you intend to use the Active Kids Rebate please enter your number at the bottom of Page 3. You will need to pay your registration fees in full and once the Active Kids Rebate has been confirmed the club will provide a refund.

This is still a relatively new system introduced by Baseball Australia as a compulsory online registration system in order to register players, coaches, managers and volunteers via one central platform.

If you are a returning player you should be able to log on and choose your name or your child’s name and the process is pretty simple.

If you are a new player please follow these steps:

1. Create an account

2. Add details of the PERSON PLAYING – If you are registering your child select ‘Someone Else’ and put in their details. If you are registering to play yourself choose ‘Myself’ and put in your details
3. Select ‘PLAYER’

4. It will then show you the fees for yours or your child’s age group – hit next

5. You will then have to put in address details and emergency contacts, select if you agree to the terms and conditions, indicate how you can help the club and at the bottom of this page you can put your Active Kids number for those eligible

6. Summary of payment

7. Payment can be made via Paypal or Credit Card

8. Confirmation and email sent to nominated email address

The Thornleigh Baseball club player fees are determined based on the age of the player.
Your registration fee is made up in 3 parts:
– 2017/18 National League Fee (Baseball Australia) including a compulsory player insurance premium
– 2017/18 BNSW League Fee (Baseball NSW)
– 2017/18 Thornleigh Baseball Club Fee

The committee has worked hard and the registration fees have not increased on the 2017/18 season.